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CCIC North America Inc. (hereinafter CCICNA) was established in 1990 and now has grown into one of the biggest overseas branches of China Certification and Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd. (CCIC). Over the past two decades, CCICNA is in adhering to company’s cornerstone quality principles of “Impartiality, Accuracy, and Swiftness”.

The professional services provided by CCICNA include: inspection and survey upon importing and exporting cargoes; witness and consulting services related to import and export trading, and related to inspection and survey fields. CCICNA has been accredited with ISO/IEC 17020 certificate in compliance with the criteria of ISO/IEC 17020:1992.

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Agricultural Product Inspection

CCICNA performs inspection service on agricultural products and related by-products, e.g. soybean, corn, wheat, fish powder, and etc., in respect of loading supervision, weight, sampling services.

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Pre-Shipment Inspection on Recycling Scraps as Raw Materials
CCICNA carries out pre-shipment inspection service on recycling scraps shipping out of U.S. to other countries. In accordance with regulations and industrial standards of the importing countries, and customer’s requirement, we perform pre-shipment inspection on aspects of radioactivity, quality, specification, quantity, weight, and etc. ...learn more
Inspection on Used Mechanical and Electrical Products  
In accordiance with China import and export commodity law, pre-shipment inspection must be carried out on Certain Types of used mechanical and electrical products imported to China, with a comprehensive perspective to enhancing the inspection and administration on imported used equipment, and preventing the entrance of toxin and hazardous materials into China. ...learn more















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